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Skyfall Ventures is a Norwegian early stage investment firm that fuels ambitious startups with capital, experience and a valuable network.  

We like companies with high growth potential, a kick ass team and a business that attack markets and sectors facing disruptive forces or changes. 

As current and former entrepreneurs our goal is to know what kind of support a founder needs on the journey to success. 

…and the name Skyfall? It is inspired by the Latin phrase “Fiat justita ruat caelum” meaning “Justice must be done, even if it means the sky falls“. It sounds rather serious and in real life we’re not that dramatic. We just like progress and new opportunities, and from time to time make the sky fall down on the old, making room for the new.   

We're an early stage investment firm based out of Oslo, Norway.

Our team has extensive experience in building and scaling companies through founding companies like Sprint Consulting, Kolonial.no, Ibistic, Nyby, Vibb, SuperDeal and Alva Technologies.

We invest stage specific but sector are agnostic. We invest in everything from digital marketplaces to enterprise software companies to hardware companies. From companies with a B2B focus to companies with a B2C focus. The commonality of them all is an extraordinary founding team that leverage technology to scale fast in markets that are ripe for change.


Feel free to email us your deck and we will be happy to discuss investment possibilities with you if it meets our criteria.

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